Buona Pasqua da Via Vitae Travels!

Easter is a wonderful time to explore Italy. One of the most important holidays, Easter (Pasqua) is celebrated for longer than a week, with rites starting on Palm Sunday and finishing on Easter Monday, Pasquetta.

In Piemonte, Easter Monday is time for picnics, and recipes made with eggs, usually gathered through “questue”: like a giving of the alms, but it’s a giving of the eggs. Gatherers go from home to home in the days prior to Easter, the eggs are then cooked and the meal shared by the community. Typical dishes are frittata, and here you can find recipes to make it also this Easter to celebrate it the Italian way!

While Puglia still remains in the shadow of other areas, we love this beautiful corner of the Italian boot! The most typical Easter sweet in Puglia is “scarcella”, made of flour, eggs, and sugar and shaped into typical forms such as eggs or doves, or simple doughnuts, then topped with colorful sprinkles. Easter celebrations are the most diverse in this region and very rooted in Christian traditions.

Veneto even has a salad named after this holiday — made of course with eggs — and a special sweet that resembles the more famous “colomba” but just different enough to make it their own dessert: “fugassa”, made out of butter, sugar, flour — how can you go wrong?!?

Traditional chocolate eggs are also filled with surprises and gifts. Master chocolatiers express their best in decorating them in the most wonderful ways!

We wish you a Holiday filled with love,
health, peace, and laughter. From our family to yours,
Happy Easter and we cannot wait to see you again!

by Mariella C. Zanotti

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