Feature Testimonials

Testimonial-BrianI highly recommend Anthony Zanotti with Via Vitae Travels as a fantastic tour guide for Italy – especially if you are interested in wine, food, and history. Anthony has a passion for Italian culture, wine, and food that would be hard to match. He takes great care in finding “off the beaten path” activities that are sure to impress – including fantastic wineries that you can’t get into without a connection, and historical sites that you won’t find on other tours. What makes these tours really special is the “Italian life” experience that you get with them – the personal connections and the hospitality of the wineries and restaurants that Anthony works with went above and beyond any expectation I could have had. The way to see Italy truly is through the people there, and going on a tour through Via Vitae is the best way I can think of to get that experience. The value for the price here is outstanding. Thanks, Anthony, for the great memories!

Brian D., Michigan, U.S.A.


Venice2Via Vitae Travels gave us the trip of a lifetime!  From the time we got off the plane, we were treated to fabulous accommodations, delicious meals, and adventures we could have never set up on our own.  We had visited Italy last year with arrangements made by another well-known travel company.  While that trip was nice it was the same experiences that most travel business offer.  Nothing out of the ordinary or unique was provided.  For the same price Via Vitae Travels provided a unique experience every day!  My husband and I loved being part of a small group who enjoyed private tours of prestigious wineries, cooking classes and intimate meals preselected and prepared just for our group.  The best part was being driven to each destination because we could sit back and enjoy the spectacular scenery!  Thank you Via Vitae travels fo ran oustanding trip!  We are looking forward to the next one!!!

Jacqueline Z., Michigan, U.S.A.


White Truffles2I have had the pleasure of participating in two trips to Italy with Via Vitae Travels.  the planning and execution of both experiences was first class with great attention to details, sensitivity to individual needs, and meticulous planning.  Between the two trips, both to different areas of northern Italy, we covered a terrific range of interests, including spectacular scenery, unique and very desirable private winery tours, magnificent authentic regional cuisine, and all with a great backdrop of Italian culture and history.  This is not a run of the mill touring experience!  I have been a chef for over 30 years and these trips changed my life forever.  Whether you are a professional in the food and wine business or not, the trips are so inclusive that there is much to fulfill everyone’s needs.  How many people have walked through the woods with a trufalo and his dogs to hunt successfully for white truffles?  How can you not appreciate the splendor of enjoying a Michelin caliber five-course meal in a 500-year-old estate after a tour of its winery?  The opulence and artistry of the Catholic Church is on display in every city and town, each church unique and exquisite on its own.  Because this tour is so personal one gains an interaction with, and understanding of, the wonderful citizens of Italy on a person to person basis.  The hospitality of the Italia people is second to none.  I can’t wait for the next trip in May!

Randy R., Pennsylvania, U.S.A.