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Welcome to Via Vitae Travels!!! We specialize in customized wine, culinary and cultural vacations highlighting specific regions in Italy. Each package allows you to experience the region as a local instead of as a tourist. See, do and taste things most tourists never have the opportunity to experience. All packages are crafted for intimate groups, never more than 12, to enhance the overall experience. We invite you to take this journey of life with us.

Upcoming Trips

Passion for Piemonte

Spring 2019:  May 1 – 10, 2019

Fall 2019:  October 9 – 18, 2019

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Stand beside the masters in their kitchens, castles, and wineries and learn the secrets of this hidden Italian gem, Piemonte. Discover flavors of the Piemonte’s history, wines, and world-class cuisine.  From wine on the hills overlooking Torino to historical estates in Barolo to fresh-handmade agnolotti, prepare to indulge in the best the region has to offer.

Verona to the Dolomiti

Fall 2019:  September 20 – 28, 2019


Walk the streets of the city of Verona and become part of its history. From Roman times when the “Arena di Verona” served as the center of all activity to times of myth and legend made famous by Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”; Verona is a magical place!

From the birthplace of Amarone together we will traverse north into the Alto-Adige region and you will experience its unique wines, foods, history, and lifestyle. Tasting wine in the vineyards on the hills of the Dolomites, historical estates in Veneto, fresh-handmade tortellini… prepare to indulge in the best the two regions have to offer.

Puglia Perfected

Spring 2019:  May 17 – 24, 2019


The region in the heel of Italy’s “boot” where some of the best traditional foods in Italy come from! The south boasts beautiful beaches, rich farmland, centuries-old churches and ancient pre-roman ruins. It is also home to some of the most succulent recipes Italy’s cuisine is known for. With a rich history and amazing food come wonderful wines. We will taste wines brought over from the Greeks before Rome was even an idea. Finally, no one can leave Puglia without making and tasting its olive oil, which people consider the best expression of true olive oil in the world!


Feature Testimonials

Testimonial-BrianI highly recommend Anthony Zanotti with Via Vitae Travels as a fantastic tour guide for Italy – especially if you are interested in wine, food, and history. Anthony has a passion for Italian culture, wine, and food that would be hard to match. He takes great care in finding “off the beaten path” activities that are sure to impress – including fantastic wineries that you can’t get into without a connection, and historical sites that you won’t find on other tours. What makes these tours really special is the “Italian life” experience that you get with them – the personal connections and the hospitality of the wineries and restaurants that Anthony works with went above and beyond any expectation I could have had. The way to see Italy truly is through the people there, and going on a tour through Via Vitae is the best way I can think of to get that experience. The value for the price here is outstanding. Thanks, Anthony, for the great memories!

– Brian D., Michigan, U.S.A.


Testimonial-NickI had a great trip to Italy with Anthony Zanotti of Via Vitae Travels.  Having been to Europe dozens of times and Italy numerous times before this trip, I had seen my fair share of sights, people, food, and other things that make a culture and place unique.  

The thing that made my time in Italy on this particular trip unlike any other, however, is that the places I went to and the people I met were not the type that I could have found myself.  You might be able to take a tour bus throughout a place and make a few stops and disembark with a big group and feel like you are taking in the culture of a place but the people I met through Anthony’s connections were genuine and I felt like a friend spending an afternoon with them.  True, part of this is the good nature and hospitality of the people themselves and even Italy in general, but there is something special and different about visiting a winery or a restaurant where the place has authentic enthusiasm about you being their guest — and Anthony Zanotti knows just place to take you.

Nikolai O., Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


DSC_0043I have traveled to Italy twice. I absolutely loved every minute of it, but many times found myself wishing that I could find my way off the beaten path and not just feeling like one of the many tourists.  I find myself and so many others discussing our desire to have a truly authentic Italian experience and live like a local in order to gain a deeper understanding of the true culture of Italy. Traveling to Italy with Anthony Zanotti can make this dream a reality. Utilizing his years of experience, research, and efforts in finding local gems takes the guesswork out of your vacation experience and makes it worth every penny! Over the years and in his many travels, Anthony has made connections with many incredible Italians citizens, opening the doors to authentic cultural experiences.  If you desire not just a vacation, but a cultural encounter with food, wine, and history, I would recommend traveling with Anthony Zanotti and Via Vitae Travels!!

Andrea T., Michigan, U.S.A.