Via Vitae Travels was founded on the idea of drawing a small group of people into the culture and essence of the location they are visiting. Vacation should be more than a trip, it should be an experience. These journeys are special, hard-to-find experiences for people traveling in Italy seeking something life-changing and memorable.

Each trip is a unique and immersive custom experience with events that cannot be replicated without the special, in-depth knowledge of the region’s cultural and local residents.

Big bus tours are easy to find but are usually generic, crowded vacations that only scratch the surface. Airlines, high-end credit cards, and travel agents have “do-it-yourself” trips but never take you into the heart of the place you are visiting. Via Vitae Travels is different because we have personal relationships with local providers who grant us exclusive access to sights, services, and experiences most tourists will never see. Our travelers have a truly authentic and personalized “insider” travel experience, one that others cannot replicate.

About Anthony Zanotti, Owner


Anthony founded Via Vitae Travels in 2017.

Being of Italian heritage, Anthony has traveled throughout Italy most of his adult life. He has always had a love and passion for the way of life (Bella Vita) in Italy.  Over ten years ago he decided to leave his healthcare career and relocated to Italy. He studied the Italian language, culture, wines, food, and history. He participated in many of the local wine and food events, visited several wineries, and established relationships with restaurant and winery owners. In 2013 he became a dual citizen of Italy and the United States of America.

In 2016 he started Aqua Vitae Distributors to bring local Italian wines to the USA. He sought wineries committed to the following three components:  family-owned properties, properties with a tradition of making wine for at least 100 years, and lastly, properties committed to the environment; whether that is growing organically, using biodynamics or simple sustainable practices. After gaining extensive experience in many regions of Italy he started Via Vitae Travels to help people journey through Italy with an experience different than any other standard tour could offer. He has developed relationships with chefs, restaurateurs, hotel, villa, and estate owners, farmers, and other locals. This allows his travelers to have exclusive access to things unavailable to most tourists. He provides unique insight, bridges the cultural gap, and allows his clients to have an authentic experience in an effortless and enjoyable way.