Fall Is in The Air!

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~ Craco is one of the most fascinating and suggestive destinations!

~ L’Estate di San Martino on November 11

~ Latest News

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It’s Truffle Season!

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~ We talk about the International Alba White Truffle Fair

~ Italy, Spain, France, Greece & Croatia Are  Europe’s Top Destinations for Short-Term Travel.

~ The 2021 Harvest is Starting Off Great!

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~ Watch the video to get a glimpse of the beauty of Piemonte, then join us in 2022 for a tour!

~ What EU’s Recommendation for Reimposing Travel Restrictions Means for US Citizens.

~ 2021 harvest and vintage updates!

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August 15 is Ferragosto in Italy; Italy Now Recognizes COVID-19 Passes Issued by 5 Countries Outside of Europe; The first radio for the promotion and re-launch of Italian tourism has been launched, and much more!

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Trentino Alto-Adige Awaits You!

South Tyrol (or Alto-Adige in Italian) is the most northern province of Italy, bordering north with Austria and south with the area of Trentino. Once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it is almost fully covered with mountains, a haven for skiers in the winters, and hikers in the summer. The breathtaking views from the top of the mountains have no rivals, and the lower portions of the slopes are covered with vineyards that produce some of the best wines Italy has to offer, especially whites but not only: Gewürztraminer, Müller-Thurgau, Riesling, Sylvaner, Santa Maddalena…. ring any bells? Via Vitae Travels has explored for you this region for the first time with a test tour in 2018: we couldn’t have been happier with the positive feedback we’ve received! Don’t believe us? Then see what other industry experts have to say about this area:

The Dolomites: Italy’s rugged, slow living region
by Stanley Stewart on Condé Nast Traveller

We are planning to be back here as soon as tourism opens back up in Italy. What are you waiting for? Join Via Vitae Travels in this beautiful adventure!

by Mariella C. Zanotti

Pictures by Via Vitae Travels

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Buona Pasqua da Via Vitae Travels!

Easter is a wonderful time to explore Italy. One of the most important holidays, Easter (Pasqua) is celebrated for longer than a week, with rites starting on Palm Sunday and finishing on Easter Monday, Pasquetta.

In Piemonte, Easter Monday is time for picnics, and recipes made with eggs, usually gathered through “questue”: like a giving of the alms, but it’s a giving of the eggs. Gatherers go from home to home in the days prior to Easter, the eggs are then cooked and the meal shared by the community. Typical dishes are frittata, and here you can find recipes to make it also this Easter to celebrate it the Italian way!

While Puglia still remains in the shadow of other areas, we love this beautiful corner of the Italian boot! The most typical Easter sweet in Puglia is “scarcella”, made of flour, eggs, and sugar and shaped into typical forms such as eggs or doves, or simple doughnuts, then topped with colorful sprinkles. Easter celebrations are the most diverse in this region and very rooted in Christian traditions.

Veneto even has a salad named after this holiday — made of course with eggs — and a special sweet that resembles the more famous “colomba” but just different enough to make it their own dessert: “fugassa”, made out of butter, sugar, flour — how can you go wrong?!?

Traditional chocolate eggs are also filled with surprises and gifts. Master chocolatiers express their best in decorating them in the most wonderful ways!

We wish you a Holiday filled with love,
health, peace, and laughter. From our family to yours,
Happy Easter and we cannot wait to see you again!

by Mariella C. Zanotti

Italy Is Travel + Leisure’s Destination of 2021

We can’t wait to have you all with us in our next trip to Italy. It is never too early to start preparing!

Photos by Anthony Zanotti – All rights reserved

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Our customized wine, culinary and cultural tours highlight specific Italian regions. Via Vitae Travels will help you experience Italy as a local instead of as a tourist: see, do and taste things most tourists never have the opportunity to experience! Thanks to the deep and direct connections we have established through the years with local wineries, hotels, chefs, and drivers, you can be assured that your experience with us will be as unique as it can be. Small numbered tours and attention to details are the perfect setting for you to build memories that will last forever. And you will want to join us again and again! So why wait, start now and join us in 2021 for the tour of a lifetime!

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