Nikolai O.

Testimonial-NickI had a great trip to Italy with Anthony Zanotti of Via Vitae Travels.  Having been to Europe dozens of times and Italy numerous times before this trip, I had seen my fair share of sights, people, food, and other things that make a culture and place unique.  

The thing that made my time in Italy on this particular trip unlike any other, however,  is that the places I went to and the people I met were not the type that I could have found myself.  You might be able to take a tour bus throughout a place and make a few stops and disembark with a big group and feel like you are taking in the culture of a place but the people I met through Anthony’s connections were genuine and I felt like a friend spending an afternoon with them.  True, part of this is the good nature and hospitality of the people themselves and even Italy in general, but there is something special and different about visiting a winery or a restaurant where the place has authentic enthusiasm about you being their guest — and Anthony Zanotti knows just place to take you.

Nikolai O., Pennsylvania, U.S.A.