Jacqueline Z.

Venice2Via Vitae Travels gave us the trip of a lifetime!  From the time we got off the plane, we were treated to fabulous accommodations, delicious meals, and adventures we could have never set up on our own.  We had visited Italy last year with arrangements made by another well-known travel company.  While that trip was nice it was the same experiences that most travel businesses offer.  Nothing out of the ordinary or unique was provided.  For the same price Via Vitae Travels provided a unique experience every day!  My husband and I loved being part of a small group who enjoyed private tours of prestigious wineries, cooking classes and intimate meals preselected and prepared just for our group.  The best part was being driven to each destination because we could sit back and enjoy the spectacular scenery!  Thank you Via Vitae Travels for an outstanding trip!  We are looking forward to the next one!!!

Jacqueline Z., Michigan, U.S.A.