Andrea T.

DSC_0043I have traveled to Italy twice. I absolutely loved every minute of it, but many times found myself wishing that I could find my way off the beaten path and not just feeling like one of the many tourists.  I find myself and so many others discussing our desire to have a truly authentic Italian experience and live like a local in order to gain a deeper understanding of the true culture of Italy. Traveling to Italy with Anthony Zanotti can make this dream a reality. Utilizing his years of experience, research, and efforts in finding local gems takes the guesswork out of your vacation experience and makes it worth every penny! Over the years and in his many travels, Anthony has made connections with many incredible Italians citizens, opening the doors to authentic cultural experiences.  If you desire not just a vacation, but a cultural encounter with food, wine, and history, I would recommend traveling with Anthony Zanotti and Via Vitae Travels!!

Andrea T., Michigan, U.S.A.