A Message of Hope from Italy

We are always hoping for change, something new to disrupt our day-to-day routine – but it’s in times like these that we consider very dear our normalcy and we wish it to come back soon.

This unprecedented situation has had many different challenges but we wanted to share a message of hope coming from Italy. When social distancing can create isolation and even more stress, even a song shouted out from the balconies can make us feel closer to each other. “Everything will go well” is the motto seen everywhere in Italy these days, from sticky notes left from passengers on doorbells to signs and paintings with big multicolored rainbows hanging out the windows, to lift up the spirit.

May the message from Italy reach everybody in need right now. We join the Italians in this message of hope to the World and everybody already affected!

“This Too Shall Pass.”

“If we are to have any hope for the future, those who have lanterns must pass them on to others. – Plato –

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